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Careers with David Berkley, from our CEO


I want to pose a serious question to you and I want you to respond honestly. Have you ever woken up on a Monday morning, knowing you have to go to your same boring dead end job, and said out loud, “UGH”? Believe me, I know the feeling.


If you answered yes, I want you to consider that maybe it’s time to do something different with your life.

- Maybe it’s time to be your own boss.

- Maybe it’s time to set your own schedule, work when you want to work from where you want to  work.

- Maybe it’s time you make the kind of money you feel happy making.


You’re willing to work 40 hours a week right now for someone else- maybe it’s time to work harder for yourself now so that you can live like others can’t later.

A career with David Berkley Insurance Group is not just another job. It’s an opportunity to run your own business and to put yourself in charge of your working life.


It’s a chance to help people all over Ohio make the right choices when it comes to one of their biggest financial decisions- insurance for themselves and their families. You will help provide guidance and clarity and create clients for life. And you’ll do all of this without a boss, or ten.


By choosing a career at David Berkley, you will have a leadership team that will serve as your support staff. We will provide all of the necessary tools and training, and then we will get out of your way! We provide some of the highest levels of agent compensation anywhere in the state, but most importantly we give you the freedom to operate your business as you see fit.


So if you are tired of saying “ugh” on Monday mornings, maybe it’s time to see what a career at David Berkley Insurance Group is all about.


Send us an email at and start a career doing something that matters and you’re in charge

Patrick Althof

CEO and Founding Partner

David Berkley Insurance Group


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